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May 19, 2024
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How to stop procrastination?

Tej Kapoor:

On this World Mental Health Day, I bring you a solution to one of the most challenging problems we all humans face.


Many of us have been through this or are in this state of procrastination and wish to come out of it.

So here is a way to stop procrastinating.

1. Understand Your Motivation

You may think that you have no motivation to do something, however, this does not mean that you won’t accomplish your goals.

The first step to any action is understanding what drives you to take action.

What motivates you?
Is it money, recognition, reputation, or even doing good deeds?

Once you understand your motivation for taking action, you can decide how to best approach your objective.

If you’re looking up information about something to help you achieve a goal, make sure that it’s relevant to your goal.

Avoid spending time online reading about things that are unrelated to your intention.

Instead, spend time learning how to become a better version of yourself.

You want to develop habits that will allow you to live a full life.

When you feel motivated to act, don’t wait!


2. Set Realistic Goals

When setting goals, you should keep them realistic.

A goal that seems out of reach isn’t likely to attract the right kind of attention.

Set goals that are attainable.

When you set a goal that requires a lot of effort, you might find yourself overwhelmed before you know it.

Try breaking your big goal down into smaller steps if it feels overwhelming.

Make sure that each of these small steps is achievable.


3. Reward Yourself

If you follow through with your plans, you deserve a reward.

Choose something small, like a cupcake, your favorite drink, or even video games, and let yourself enjoy it.

As long as you continue to strive towards your goals, you will eventually reach them.

The rewards that you receive along the way will remind you just how great it feels to succeed.

By choosing a reward that you truly value, you won’t end up feeling guilty later.


4. Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

There will always be setbacks.

No matter how hard you work towards reaching a goal, you will stumble along the way.

Failure doesn’t mean that you aren’t capable of achieving something; it means that you haven’t yet achieved it.

Keep moving forward and you will eventually get where you were trying to go.

Most people who fail at a particular pursuit seem to give up after one setback.

If you’re truly determined to succeed, then you shouldn’t quit once you’ve failed.

In fact, you should expect to fail many times before you finally reach your goal.


5. Take Action

Once you have decided on a goal and identified your reasons for wanting to pursue it, take some action.

Start working on that small goal that you have set, and focus on only that small goal.

Once you start that momentum, it will gradually increase, and before you know it, you would become productive again.

Procrastination stops you from becoming the best version of who you are, don’t let that happen to you.


Act now! and follow these steps.

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